Monographs of the past IWSEs

Seismo Electromagnetics
Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere coupling

Edited by M. Hayakawa and O.A. Molchanov

TERRAPUB, Tokyo, Japan


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Foreword S. Uyeda
Editors' introduction M. Hayakawa and O. A. Molchanov
Chapter 1: Seismo-Associated Electromagnetic Phenomena and Acoustic Emission in the Ground Medium
Acoustic emission possibly related to earthquakes, observed at Matsushiro, Japan and its implications A. V. Gorbatikov, O. A. Molchanov, M. Hayakawa, S. Uyeda, K. Hattori, T. Nagao, H. Tanaka, A. V. Nikolaev, and P. Maltsev
Monitoring of the ULF electromagnetic disturbances at the station network before EQ in seismic zones of Izu and Chiba Peninsulas (Japan) Yu. A. Kopytenko, V. S. Ismaguilov, K. Hattori, P. M. Voronov, M. Hayakawa, O. A. Molchanov, E. A. Kopytenko, and D. B. Zaitsev
ULF magnetic anomaly preceding the 1997 Kagoshima Earthquakes K. Hattori, Y. Akinaga. M. Hayakawa, K. Yumoto, T. Nagao, and S, Uyeda
Statistical analysis of the data from the ULF sensors at Seikoshi Station H. C. Koons, J. L. Roeder, Y. Hobara, M. Hayakawa, and A. C. Fraser-Smith
New ULF/ELF observation in Seikoshi. Izu, Japan and the precursory signal in relation with large seismic events at Izu Islands in 2000 Y. Hobara, H. C. Koons, J. L. Roeder, H. Yamaguchi, and M. Hayakawa
Local variations of geomagnetic ULF noises and their relation to seismic activity N. Yagova, K. Yumoto, V. Pilipenko, K. Hattori, T. Nagao, and K. Saita
Simulating experimental study on ULF electromagnetic precursors before JiJi Ms7.4 earthquake Shuqing Qian, Jinqi Hao, Jianguo Zhou, and Jintian Gao
Wavelet study of long-period geomagnetic variations associated with the 1989 M = 7 Loma Prieta and two 1997 M = 6 Japanese earthquakes L. S. Alperovich, V. Zheludev and M. Hayakawa
Wavelet analysis and seismo-magnetic effect Yunfang Lin, Qi Li, M. Hayakawa, and Xiaoping Zeng
Observation of seismo-genic ELF magnetic field variations and seismo-electric currents in a power transmission system Masahiro M. Seto, K. Murayama, Y. Kitamura, and T. Watanabe
Anomalous geo-electric signals associated with recent seismic activities in Tsukuba and volcanic activity at Mt. Usu in Hokkaido H. Hashimoto, Y. Enomoto, A. Tsutsumi, and M. Kasahara
Electromagnetic signals related to micromovements of limestone blocks : A test in karst caves of Central Italy P. F. Biagi, A. Ermini, R. Piccolo, D. Loiacono, and S. P. Kingsley
Mexico City as seismic resonator V. V. Grimalsky, M. Hayakawa, S. V. Koshevaya, G. N. Burlak, and J. Sanchez-Mondragon
Resistivity tomography: Observation and earthquakes monitoring Rui Feng, Jinqi Hao, and Jianguo Zhou
Some properties of electrotelluric time series around the M = 7.4 September 14, 1995 earthquake in Mexico A. Ramfrez-Rojas, F. Cervantes De la Torre, C. G. Pavfa-Miller, and F. Angulo-Brown
Some nonlinear properties of electric self-potential time series arising from a Mexican seismic zone F. Cervantes-De la Torre, A. Ramfrez-Rojas, C. G. Pavfa-Miller, and F. Angulo-Brown
Chapter 2: Generation Mechanisms of Seismo-Electromagnetic Phenomena and Modeling of Seismicity
A physical model of electric earthquake precursors due to crack propagation and the motion of charged edge dislocations A. Tzanis and F. Vallianatos
A review of the recent VAN efforts: The explanation of the SES physical P. Varotsos and N. Sarlis
Seismic Electric Signals (SES) and the conductivity structure of the crust F. Freund
ULF emission due to inductive seismo-electromagnetic effect O Molchanov, A. Kulchitsky, and M. Hayakawa
Electromagnetic waves in seawater caused by interaction between acoustic and internal waves L. V. Nikitina, Yu. A. Kopytenko, and V. A. Antonov
Upward migration of earthquakes as a hint on origin of foreshock activity and other related phenomena S Yunga, A. Lutikov, O. Molchanov, and M. Hayakawa
Atmosphere-lithosphere coupling. Thermal anomalies on the Earth surface in seismic processes A. A. Tronin
Model of earthquake triggering due to gas-fluid "bubble" upward migration. I. Physical rationale D. I. Iudin, N V Korovkin O A Molchanov, V. V. Surkov, and M. Hayakawa
Model of earthquake triggering due to gas-fluid "bubble" upward migration II. Finite-automaton model N. V. Korovkin, D I Iudin O A Molchanov, M. Hayakawa, and V. V. Surkov
Thermofluctuational mechanism of cracks migration as a model of earthquake D. I. Iudin, O. A. Molchanov, N. V. Korovkin, and M. Hayakawa
The influence of electro-osmotic pressure generating by geomagnetic disturbances on the evolution of seismotectonic process V V Kormiltsev, N. P. Kostrov, A. N. Ratushnyak, and V. A. Shapiro
Ionospheric generation mechanism of seismic related ULF magnetic pulsations observed on the earth surface V. M. Sorokin, V. M. Chmyrev, and A. K. Yaschenko
Methods for geophysical data processing in seismic active zones V. N. Troyan and M. Hayakawa
Chapter 3: Seismo-Associated Electromagnetic Phenomena in the Atmosphere with earthquakes
Wavelet analysis of disturbances in subionospheric VLF propagation correlated M. Hayakawa. O. A. Molchanov, N. Shima, A. V. Shvets, and N. Yamamoto
The role of gravity waves in the lithosphere-ionosphere coupling, as revealed from the subionospheric LF propagation data K. Miyaki, M. Hayakawa, and O. A. Molchanov
Relationship between ELF magnetic fields and Taiwan earthquake K. Ohta. K. Umeda, N. Watanabe, and M. Hayakawa
Results on "Zeus" station application for electromagnetic sounding of seismoactive area Yu. B. Bashkuev and V. B. Khaptanov
Possible premonitory behaviour of LF radiowaves on the occasion of the Slovenia earthquakes (M = 5.2-6.0-5. 1) occurred on March-May 1998 P. F. Biagi and M. Hayakawa
Observation of natural noise in VHF band which relates to earthquakes A. Yamada, K. Sakai, Y. Yaji, T. Takano, and S. Shimakura
The basic research of anomalous propagation of FM radio broadcasting wave related to earthquakes K. Sakai. T. Ito, T. Takano, and S. Shimakura
Reception of over-horizon FM signals associated with earthquakes Y Fukumoto, M. Hayakawa, and H. Yasuda
A tornado-type cloud observed on January 9, 1995 prior to the Kobe earthquake Y. Enomoto
Chapter 4: Seismo-Associated Electromagnetic Phenomena in the lonosphere
Possible influence of seismicity by gravity waves on ionospheric equatorial anomaly from data of IK-24 satellite l. Search for idea of seismo-ionosphere coupling M Hayakawa, V. V. Afonin O A Akentieva and E A Mareev
Possible influence of seismicity by gravity waves on ionospheric equatorial anomaly from data of IK-24 satellite 2. Equatorial anomaly and small-scale ionospheric turbulence O. A. Molchanov, M. Hayakawa, V. V. Afonin, O. A. Akentieva, E. A. Mareev, and V. Yu. Trakhtengerts
A study on the TEC perturbations prior to the Rei-Li, Chi-Chi and Chia-Yi earthquakes. J. Y. Liu, Y. J. Chuo S. A. Pulinets, H. F. Tsai, and X. Zeng
Comparison of simultaneous variations of the ionospheric total electron content and geomagnetic field associated with strong earthquakes Sh. Naman, L. S. Alperovich, Sh. Wdowinski, M. Hayakawa, and E. Calais
The anomalies in the foEs prior to M >6.0 Taiwan earthquakes Y.J. Chuo, J.Y. Liu, M. Kamogawa, and Y.I.. Chen
Electric field enhancement in the ionosphere above tropical storm region N. V. Isaev, V. M. Sorokin. V. M. Chmyrev, O. N. Serebryakova, and O. Ya. Ovcharenko
Seismo-ionospheric effects as determined from VHF scintillation technique at Agra B. Singh, R. Singh, and P. K. Mishra
On the time scales of some seismo-ionospheric effects V. A. Liperovsky, C. V. Meister, K V Popov, E. V. Liperovskaya, O. A. Molchanov, and A. S. Silina
To the question of spatial scales of seismo-ionospheric effects C V Meister, E. V. Liperovskaya, O A Molchanov, O. A. Pokhotelov, S. A. Senchenkov, and O. A. Alimov
A search of correlation between aurora activity and near earthquakes M. I. Dzubenko and L. V. Kozak
Chapter 5: Models of Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling
Mosaic source of internal gravity waves associated with seismic activity E A Mareev, D. I. Iudin, and O. A. Molchanov
Laboratory modelling of the disturbed D- and E-layers: DC and AC fields L. Alperovich, I. Chaikovsky, Yu. Gurvich, and A. Melnikov
Model variations in atmospheric radio noise caused by pre-seismic modifications of tropospheric conductivity profile M Hayakawa O. A. Molchanov, and A. P. Nickolaenko
Conception and model of seismo-ionosphere-magnetosphere coupling S. A. Pulinets, K. A. Boyarchuk, V. V. Hegai, and A. V. Karelin
Spatial and frequency filtration properties of ULF EM radiation of a lithospheric origin in the lithosphere-ionosphere-magnetosphere system V. V. Grimalsky, I. Kremenetsky, O. K. Cheremnykh, and Yu. G. Rapoport
Alfvén wave structures generated in the magnetosphere by seismic wave G. Lizunov
Atmospheric-ionosphere phenomena and earthquake precursors A. M. Popov, O. K. Masal'sky, O. A. Sizykh, A. V. Mordvinov, and G. B. Shpynev
Seismo discharge model of anomalous sporadic E ionization before great earthquakes T. Ondoh and M. Hayakawa
Chapter 6: New Projects and Plans Connected with Seismo-Electromagnetic Research
The micro-satellite demeter: Data registration and data processing Michel Parrot
Coordinated registration of seismogenic effects in the ionosphere by means of remote ground-based and local satellite measurements V. Korepanov, O. Molchanov, M. Hayakawa, and G. Lizunov
A new monitoring network to detect geoelectrical and seismometric signals in a seismic area of the Southern Italy M. Balasco, D. Chianese, G. Colangelo, V. Cuomo, G. Di Bello, M. Gallipoli, V. Lapenna, M. Mucciarelli, D. Patella, and S. Piscitelli
Russian-Japanese complex geophysical observatory in Kamchatka for monitoring of phenomena connected with seismic activity S. Uyeda, T. Nagao, K. Hattori, Y. Noda, M. Hayakawa, K. Miyaki, O. Molchanov, V. Gladychev, L. Baransky, A. Schekotov, G. Belyaev. E. Fedorov, O. Pokhotelov, S. Andreevsky, A. Rozhnoi, Y. Khabazin, A. Gorbatikov, E. Gordeev, V. Chebrov, A. Lutikov, S. Yunga, G. Kosarev, and V. Surkov
Some preliminary results of seismo-electromagnetic research at complex geophysical observatory, Kamchatka V. Gladychev, L. Baransky, A. Schekotov, E. Fedorov, O. Pokhotelov, S. Andreevsky, A. Rozhnoi. Y. Khabazin, G. Belyaev, A. Gorbatikov, E. Gordeev, V. Chebrov, V. Sinitsin, A. Lutikov, S. Yunga, G. Kosarev, V. Surkov, O. Molchanov, M. Hayakawa, S. Uyeda, T. Nagao, K. Hattori, and Y. Noda
Strategy for observations of seismo-electromagnetic signals at Chiba University T. Takano, K. Sakai, A. Yamada, and S. Shimakura
Study of the ULF electromagnetic phenomena related to earthquakes: Strategy of the SUPRE project F. Vallianatos, V. Lapenna, V. Troyan, N. Smirnova, Y. Kopytenko, V. Korepanov, and T. Matiashvili
Chapter 7: Possibility of Earthquake Prediction Including Nonseismic Phenomena
Methods to monitor imminent precursors for earthquakes J.Z. Li, Z.Q. Bai, Y.Q. Xia, W. S. Chen, Y. R. Liu, and J. Huang
To hear the voice of the earth: New approach to the problem of earthquakes A. S. Belyakov
Triggering mechanism of tide-generating force resonance on impending violent earthquakes and prediction verification Zhenqiu Ren
Infrastructural analysis of geomagnetic field and earthquake prediction X. Zeng M. Hayakawa Y. Lin, and C. Xu
Biological and medical problems of the strong earthquake prediction A. A. Berezin, I. L Gufeld and G A Gusev
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